Good Food ,Friendly Service, And Great Ambiance

Experience all the Goodness at Chaps

Chaps Diner is the perfect place for family reunions and barkada food trip. Enjoy our very own Chaps Special Blend Iced Tea that will leave you wanting more. If you feel drinking an icy cold frappe or sipping a hot cup of coffee, Chaps Cafe is ready to serve you.

But wait there’s more…!

You can enjoy your family celebrations, barkada gimmicks, and office functions or get-togethers in the exclusivity of our multi-purpose entertainment lounges where we can cater to your party needs!

Satisfy your need for speed and experience the thrill of Go-Kart Racing!

The perfect tambayan place for the family and friends where everything fun happens!

Play billiards and darts, or just chill with the squad at the Gameroom Sports Bar!


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