Fun for the Young and
Young at Heart


Don’t act your age…Just Drive! Our Go-karts make kids feel like grown-ups, and grown-ups act like kids. So, why not add this to your must-do list when you visit Tarlac City? Kart City boasts a world-class karting facility which includes a well-designed racetrack and European-made go-karts for rent. You can also watch the karts go by as you enjoy your picnic with family and friends while having a good time at the KCT Racing Park.

Safety and Precaution

  1. Minors must always be supervised by their parents or guardian while at the KRP premises.
  2. The following are prohibited inside the KRP premises:
    • Firearms
    • Dangerous weapons
    • Prohibited drugs
  3. Kart City reserves the right to refuse the following from driving our karts due to the following safety concerns:
    • Persons with heart ailment or cardiovascular disease.
    • Pregnant women.
    • Persons with mental disabilities.
    • Persons who are intoxicated or drunk.
    • Persons under the influence of drugs.
  4. For the interest of safety, KCT management may suspend Go Kart/KRP operations due to bad weather conditions or any fortuitous event which we deem detrimental to the safety of our customer.
  5. Guests are responsible for their personal belongings. Kart City will not be liable for any loss or damage to guest’s personal property.
  6. Kart City reserves the right to refuse entry to or dismiss from premises any person who fails to comply with any of the KRP rules, or for unsafe, illegal or offensive behavior.
  7. Our Go-Karts are properly maintained and fully functional. Don’t be a reckless driver to avoid accidents. Please be informed that we implement the YOU-BREAK-IT-YOU-PAY-IT RULE.
  8. Please be advised that any racing sport has its inherent risks and this is also true for go-karting. Be reminded also that go-karts have moving & rotating parts. Always maintain your concentration and focus when you drive our go karts for your safety.

Racetrack Map


Go-Kart Racing for the Young and Young at Heart

Age Restriction Height Restriction Weight Restriction
Standard Karts
Double (Driver) Min. 18 y/o Min. 5 ft. Max 250 lbs.
(Passenger) 5 – 7 y/o 4.5 ft.
Premium Karts
Junior 7 – 12 y/o 4.5 – 5 ft Max 140 lbs.
Adult Min. 12 y/o Min. 5ft. Max 220 lbs.

Ticket Rules:

*Go-Kart Rentals Purchase(s) are valid for same-day use only.

*Go-Kart Receipts are non-refundable except if operations are cancelled due to inclement weather conditions or fortuitous events.

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